Lynk Solutec Wins Top Honors at Kyung Hee University Campus Town Business Unit Demo Day ‘CampaVision’


Kyung Hee University’s Campus Town Business Unit, led by President Han Guntai, announced that on the past Friday, the 14th, they hosted the ‘CampaVision’ Demo Day through a live broadcast on YouTube at the Dance Department Building on the Seoul Campus.

During this Demo Day, nine exceptional startups nurtured by the Business Unit participated. These resident startups presented their business ideas, progress updates, and growth potential. Accelerator representatives and venture capital professionals were on-site to evaluate these aspects.

The panel of judges included Huh Yoonseok, Director of Daesung Startup Investment Co., Ltd., Yang Kyungjoon, CEO of Crypton Co., Ltd., Go Yeongha, Chairman of the Korea Association of Angel Investors, Cho Myeongwoo, CEO of Bain Ventures Co., Ltd., and Choi Gyeonghee, Partner at Sopoong Ventures Co., Ltd.

The judges assessed the originality of the startup ideas, the feasibility of their execution and potential for growth, market viability in terms of revenue, and the presentation skills of the participants. The event unfolded with team presentations followed by interactive question and answer sessions.

Among the participating resident startups were MindsGround (CEO Min Hwangi), Merlin’s Beard (CEO Kim Byungsoo), Bevery Wear (CEO Yang Hyeri), Kiwi Studio (CEO Park Cheonmyeong), Danpoonggori (CEO Kim Beomseok), Panacura (CEO Jang Hyeongjin), Lynk Solutec (CEO Seo Jeongmok), Umtul (CEO Park Seongryul), and EdmicBio (CEO Ha Dongheon).

220124 베타뉴스

The grand prize was awarded to Kiwi Studio, while Lynk Solutec Co., Ltd. received the top honor, and Panacura Co., Ltd. and EdmicBio Co., Ltd. were recognized with excellence awards.

Lynk Solutec, the recipient of the top honor, is a subsidiary of Yonsei University’s technology holding company. Leveraging their nano-thin film coating technology designed to prevent the attachment of blood, viruses, and bacteria, they are pioneering the development of safe and swift medical devices for patient treatment. Presently, they are focused on the development of an endoscopic cap to prevent fogging and blood attachment, crucial for maintaining a clear endoscopic view.

Over the past two years, the Business Unit has organized two startup competitions, selecting 69 teams, providing approximately 480 million KRW in startup support funds and prize money. The resident startups have attracted around 8 billion KRW in investments across 8 projects and secured approximately 4 billion KRW in government support for 87 projects.

Generating approximately 2.6 billion KRW in revenue, the startups have significantly contributed to activating the local economy of Dongdaemun-gu. The Business Unit’s commitment continues, aiming to provide tailored support to young entrepreneurs, leveraging the capabilities of the university and the local community.

[Reported by Beta News Journalist Kang Gyusoo]