Lynk Solutec’s Endoscopy Cap Wins 2 CES Innovation Awards


Clear Endo Vision, developed by medical device company LynkSolutec has been won for two categories (Digital Health and Product in support of Human Security) of the 2024 CES Innovation Awards.

CES is the world’s largest IT and electronic fair organized by the American Consumer Technology Association (CTA) and is held in Las Vegas early every year to award innovation awards to next-generation products that will lead the world’s technology.

The product that won two awards at CES is an endoscopic cap that provides a clean view through nanotechnology. The problem of obstructing the view due to fogging and bleeding during the endoscopy is a chronic problem that the medical community has experienced for a long time. To solve this problem, the doctor must wash the lens himself or apply anti-fog agents in short cycles, which increased the operation time by 20%, increasing the fatigue of the medical staff, and there was always an invisible risk of infection and inflammation in the patient.

Lynk Solutec solved the above problem by using its own “Medical Device Surface Coating Technology” called “Lynk Coating”. Since a special coating layer is formed on the surface of the Clear Endo Vision, it is the principle that water, mucus, and bacteria, including blood, are not fundamentally attached. It was won as an innovation award in recognition of its cost-effectiveness and improvement in medical standards in creating a safer surgical environment at a lower cost instead of expensive cleaning equipment.


Seo Jungmok, CEO of Lynk Solutec said, “We want to continue to develop products that prevent medical side effects that occur frequently in medical sites but have no way to prevent them so far, and serve as a stepping stone to connect medical sites and patients. We will solve more side effects in the medical field by launching ophthalmic filaments and fistulas, urinary tract catheters and stents, and medical tubing.”

The endoscope cap will be introduced for the first time at the booth of the CES Eureka Park Seoul Hall in January next year.