Eight Bio-Healthcare Venture Companies Participated in 2023 D’LABS DEMO DAY


On June 28th, Daily Partners, a specialized venture capital firm in the field of bio and healthcare, launched the ‘2023 D’LABS DEMO DAY’ at Seoul Sonofelice Convention Center.

Held biannually, the Daily Partners Demo Day provides a platform for promising startups with innovative bio and healthcare technologies to present their Investor Relations (IR) sessions. Industry experts and investors participate, discussing various collaborative avenues and investments, fostering a hub of exchange.

Companies presenting at this year’s first-half Demo Day included Neuroxty, Seaweed, Lynk Solutec, TCBiosciences, Mirim Gene, Cascure Therapeutics, DeepCardio, and RevoSketch.

Among the participating startups, Neuroxty introduced an AI-based imaging biomarker platform for simultaneous diagnosis and treatment of brain disorders. Seaweed highlighted the potential of seaweed-based cultured meat. Lynksolutec unveiled endoscopes designed to prevent fogging and blood adhesion, while TCBiosciences presented their pipeline of innovative low-molecular-weight anticancer agents.

Given the slump in the bioventure IPO market since the second half of 2021, coupled with the global economic crisis affecting investment banking (IB), opportunities for companies to engage in IR have substantially diminished.

The Daily Partners event has been met with enthusiasm by the bio-industry. A representative from the bio-industry who participated in the Demo Day stated, “As bio investments rapidly decline, we find ourselves in a situation where not only funding but also IR opportunities are scarce. Amid uncertain prospects for subsequent investments, Daily Partners’ Demo Day stands as a significant force for the bioventure industry.”

At present, Daily Partners holds venture capital, private equity (PE), and TIPS (Technology Innovation Program for SMEs) licenses. Recently, it was selected as the operator for the Ministry of SMEs and Startups’ Scale-up TIPS Program (4th term), positioning itself as a VC capable of investing throughout the investment cycle. Their assets under management (AUM) amount to around 400 billion KRW.

Lee Seungho, CEO of Daily Partners, stated, “Since the reestablishment of Daily Partners in 2018, we have been hosting biannual Demo Days every year.” He continued, “Even in challenging market situations, we consistently support our investment portfolio companies’ IR and PR efforts, aiming to assist fundraising and business development. We are unwavering in our commitment to conducting the event.”

[Reported by NBNTV Journalist Im Seongji]