Lynk Solutec Honored with Two CES Innovation Awards 2024


Lynk Solutec announced that it has won the Innovation Award in two categories (Digital Health, Human Security) of the 2024 CES. CES is the world’s largest IT and electronic fair organized by the American Consumer Technology Association and held in Las Vegas early every year. 2024 CES will be held from January 9 to 12 next year.

In particular, the fair will award innovation awards to next-generation products that will lead the world’s technology. Lynk Solutec was selected as a two-time winner of the Innovation Award for its endoscopic cap with a special coating.

According to Lynk Solutec, this product is characterized by complete blocking of various endoscopic obstruction materials. In order to solve the problem of obstructing the view due to fogging and bleeding during endoscopic procedures, the doctor had to wash the lens during surgery or apply anti-fog agents in short cycles. In this process, surgery time unnecessarily increased by 20%, increasing the risk of side effects such as infection and inflammation.

의료기기 이상사례 수치

In fact, the number of side effects of medical devices is increasing year by year. According to the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, A total of 51,969 domestic medical device abnormalities were reported over the five years from 2016, of which serious abnormalities accounted for 71.8%. In response, the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced the “Second Comprehensive Measures for Prevention and Control of Infection Related to Medical Infection (2023-2027)”, which includes the will to strengthen the medical infection monitoring system in April this year.

Lynk Solutec developed a product by applying its own medical device surface coating technology to solve this problem. Since a special coating layer is formed on the surface of the Clear Endo Vision, it is the principle that even water, mucus, and bacteria, including blood, are not fundamentally attached.

It is explained that by creating a safer surgical environment through cap attachment without washing lenses, it is possible to reduce surgical costs and improve the level of patient protection. In recognition of this, Lynk Solutech’s products were selected for the Innovation Awards in two categories of 2024 CES Digital Health and Product in Support of Human Security.

Seo Jungmok, CEO of Lynk Solutec, said, “We want to continue to develop products that block infection and inflammation problems of patients that occur frequently in medical sites but have no way to prevent them so far, and serve as a stepping stone to connect patients with medical sites. We will solve more medical problems by launching urological catheters and stents, ophthalmic filaments, tubing, artificial joints, and artificial blood vessels that apply our coating technology.”

Meanwhile, Lynk Solutec is scheduled to introduce the product at CES Eureka Park Seoul Hall early next year.