[2023 Republic of Korea Outstanding Patent Awards] Coating Technology for Medical Devices: Complete Infection Prevention

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Outstanding Patent Grand Prize Trophy

Lynk Solutec Inc., the developer of a cap for endoscopy that prevents fogging and blood attachment, received the top prize in the Life Sciences category at the ‘Republic of Korea Outstanding Patent Awards’ for the first half of 2023. This event, organized by the hankookilbo and sponsored by the Korea Intellectual Property Office, comprehensively evaluates the expertise, technicality, feasibility, and productivity of patented technologies.

Lynk Solutec Inc. has designed a solution-based medical device to address the visibility challenges faced by endoscopy medical professionals. Previously, the attachment of blood, moisture, and smudges to endoscope lenses often resulted in a complete loss of visibility, necessitating frequent lens cleaning. This posed risks to patients, exposing them to infection and inflammation, while medical professionals also complained of fatigue due to an approximately 20% increase in surgical procedure time.

Lynk Solutec Inc. has developed the ‘Clear Endo Vision’ endoscopy cap, which prevents the attachment of not only moisture but also blood, various viscosities of mucus, bacteria, and all foreign substances. They have secured a fundamental patent for this innovation. As a result, future endoscopy procedures are expected to lead to medical innovations such as the elimination of cleaning procedures, reduced surgical time, and increased patient safety.

The core technology applied in this patent is the nano-coating technique, specifically a nano-coating technology that fundamentally inhibits various medical side effects and blood clot formation that can occur before and after surgery. This technology effectively prevents the attachment of various viscosity biomaterials (such as blood and mucus) and infectious agents, making it applicable to complex structures and various materials, thanks to the flexibility of the material.

Dr. Seo Jungmok, CEO of Lynk Solutec Inc., stated, “We are not only applying nano-coating technology to endoscopy caps but also driving its commercialization in various medical devices.” He added, “We plan to apply it to various medical devices, including orthopedic artificial joints and dental implants in the future.” To achieve this, Lynk Solutec Inc. is planning collaborations with global medical device companies and exploring opportunities for international market expansion.