Domestic Patent Application Completed for C.E.V. (Clear Endo Vision) Endoscopy Cap


Lynk Solutec has completed the domestic patent application for its developed endoscopy cap, C.E.V.

Typically, endoscopy lens visibility can be obstructed due to bleeding or fogging, and while anti-fogging agents are commonly used, they have the drawback of short-term effectiveness and potential infection risks. To overcome these issues, Lynk Solutec has developed a material that prevents the attachment of various biological substances such as blood, moisture, mucus, and bacteria, and incorporated it into a cap that can be fitted onto endoscopy equipment.

Medical professionals can now maintain a clear field of vision without the need for new equipment, and patients can experience safer and more precise endoscopic diagnostics and surgeries. This patented product aligns with the core values of Lynk Solutec, addressing challenges in the medical field and enhancing the health and surgical safety of both patients and healthcare providers.