Lynk Solutec Secures 1 Billion KRW Investment


Yonsei University Technology Holding Company, led by CEO Kim Ji-hyun, has announced that they have successfully secured a ₩1 billion seed investment for Lynk Solutec, a specialized bio-medical device company.

Lynk Solutec, founded in July 2020, is built on the foundation of the nano-coating technology developed by Professor Seo Jung-mok’s research team at Yonsei University. The company possesses innovative medical device coating technology that prevents the adhesion of infection factors such as blood and bacteria on the surfaces of various medical devices and effectively inhibits thrombus formation, thus addressing a wide range of pre-and post-surgical side effects.

Currently, Lynk Solutec is focusing on the development of a technology that resolves the problem of impaired visibility in medical endoscopy due to blood and mucus during surgery. Based on this breakthrough, they plan to introduce products that completely eliminate side effects associated with transplantable medical device materials, such as medical tubes, plastic surgery implants, and stents.

The seed investment was made jointly by Yonsei University Technology Holding Company and Daily Partners, a specialized bio-venture capital firm. The investment took place during Lynk Solutec’s business expansion phase as they received technology transfer from Yonsei University’s Industry-Academic Cooperation Division.

Kim Ji-hyun, CEO of Yonsei University Technology Holding Company and concurrently the Director of the Industry-Academic Cooperation Division, expressed, “The technology holding company has supported Lynk Solutec’s growth through technology commercialization programs, ranging from startup preparation to business validation through the Ministry of Education’s BRIDGE+ program, investment utilizing university startup funds, and subsequent R&D support through TIPS (Technology Innovation Program Support).” She further stated, “We plan to continue our support to ensure the successful commercialization of Yonsei University’s outstanding research outcomes.”

With this recent investment, Lynk Solutec aims to advance their nano-coating technology called Lynk Coating to achieve 1st or 2nd grade medical device approval and commercialization. They also plan to intensify their R&D efforts for developing coating technology that can be applied to all medical materials.

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  • Image: Endoscopic consumables with nano-coating technology to prevent blood and mucus attachment.
  • Joint investment by Yonsei University Technology Holding Company and Daily Partners.